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Greaton Fully Assembled Low Profile Wood Traditional Box Spring Foundation For Mattress Set 4-Inch 75" X 30" Size - B07DFCXD4B

  • Fabric

  • STRONG AND STURDY: made from strong traditional wood structure, made of light yet dense lumber which prevents the box to loosen up and crack and keeps the mattress in perfect shape

  • WORKS WITH ALL MATTRESSES: this box spring is good for all mattresses

  • NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED: Shipped fully assembled and ready to use, open the box and the mattress is ready to use

  • FAST SHIPPING: Very Compact resulting fast and easy shipment

  • WILL WORK GREAT WITH HIGHER PROFILE MATTRESSES: the 4 inch box spring will give a perfect height for you mattress

  • Description this mattress is engineered to eliminate pressure points and helps you feel more comfortable from the moment you lie down. Provides superior softness and resiliency for unsurpassed comfort. Each mattress is made in accordance with the strictest of quality standards and is uniquely engineered with: 357 innerspring vertical unit, with 13 3/4 SH gauge unit and gauge border, our innerspring system is ultra-strong, and it's engineered to provide optimal support. See what a difference the right mattress can make! you can improve your sleep and wake up feeling better every day. additional mattress specification: "we are a proud manufacturer of the finest quality mattresses & box Springs, with the highest standards in durability, quality, comfort, & beauty. All of our products are made in the USA to ensure that you get only the best! this item has the following features: 357 innerspring vertical unit, with 13 3/4 SH gauge unit and gauge border, 1” stitch shoddy pad on each side, 2” pillow on one side, 1” stitch shoddy pad on other side, top quilted with heavy duty Damask Class B fabric, nonskid filler cloth heavy duty, quilted with 2x3/ 8” Polly foam and 1x. 5 whisper shield. Pillow attached to top of mattress, 1” polyboard in pillow, meets federal standards 1632 and 1633 fire code. Color: beige, firmness: gentle firm, Height: 9-Inch, mattress type: tight top, sided: double sided, fabric: Damask, coil count: 357. Available in all sizes. This mattress is uniquely designed to give you the kind of undisturbed sleep nature intended. "